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The textiles that meet around the label LINE STRETCH are stretch fabrics in the main of European origin specifically developed for the confection of premium footwear.

LINE STRETCH is functionality and comfort for fashion footwear and foot-care shoes.

In the first two decades of the XXI century, footwear has evolved into a product where comfort, functionality and technicality are increasingly important, and as regards shoe components, this has meant the incorporation of stretch materials into a shoe demanded by a public that need a high technical and specialized product (e.g. foot-care shoes), and by the same token, into fashion footwear.

At Mipe Textil we are specialized in the following materials:

  • Stretch fabrics

We call Stretch Fabrics to a set of core stretch materials especially designed for fashion footwear, including: Velvet, Tricot, Satin, Jeans, Lurex, Glitter, Mesh?

  • Foiled textiles

The materials included in this set are stretch fabrics foiled with designs that are developed every season to bring trends and comfort generally to foot-care shoes.


LINE COSIDO consists of a set of embroidered stretch materials that is a clear example of those articles developed with a very specific technical feature (in this case high elasticity and adaptation to the foot – both required by orthopaedic shoes) that later on they are adopted by designers and manufacturers of fashion footwear.


Our stretch synthetic leather materials are faithful imitations provided with elasticity and are supplied with many different finishes in order to be used both in trend footwear and foot-care shoes.

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