New Tricot “Main actor”

Being the main material in the Line Stretch elastic fabric collection, Tricot is the best option in terms of comfort, adaptation and value to designs in footwear and clothing.

Tricot is a synthetic textile (polyamide / polyester) composed of about 20% elastane fibers (spandex). The main characteristic of elastane is its great elasticity, being able to stretch up to five times its size and then go back to its original form multiple times. The elastane fibers are also characterized by being sweat-resistant and quick drying, which has made Tricot an ideal item for the development of completely new clothing and footwear concepts in the field of sports and comfort.

There are so many composite materials that, at MIPE TEXTIL, they’re made with Tricot. Among them, we must highlight the versatile Tricot Doble, which is used in both footwear manufacturing and confection textile. We must also mention the large number elastic compounds, like neoprene, made with Tricot that are seen so often in comfort shoes and footcare.

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