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Performance Fabrics is a set of materials improved to meet the specific requirements of sports footwear.

Our set of PERFORMANCE FABRICS gives high performance for specialized footwear.

Since its inception, Mipe Textil has commercialized technical materials (mesh fabrics and nylon, usually in polyester and/or in polyamide) for sports footwear, and the company is a pioneer in the development and production of a 3D fabric (our Rejilla DF) and a breathable ladderproof textile for shoe lining (our popular Tejido 102) in the early 90s.

Over the years, Mipe has consolidated a collection of technical materials, including mesh fabrics from the 80s, that reflects a half-tacky half-naïf atmosphere, high tenacity nylon fabrics, as our Cordura developed in the late 90s, and the recently incorporated Hidroplus, a 3D fabric woven with hidrophobic thread for ensuring a long water-repellent performance, not to mention the fabric for shoe lining Canet Coolmax,

made with the high technology of the breathable threads of Coolmax, that provide maximum dry comfort and breathability.

The collection of fabrics for shoe lining of Mipe Textil includes several materials that meet the technical requirements of all different types of shoes. D-200 shoe lining fabric, for instance, is a textile of high resistance to abrasion and damage, developed by Mipe for work-ware and safety shoes.

The treatment Sanitized provides with antibacterial properties to the fabrics for shoe lining, and it is especially suitable for the shoes designed for delicate feet (Ortopaedia). In this line of products, Alpino Silver shoe lining fabric is made of Aerosilver fibers, which contain silver components, killing harmful germs, removing sweat odour, while absorbing and quickly dying perspiration, and it offers long term properties.

And finally, breathable absorbent and extremely fast dying Vapore lining is a microfiber that replicates pigskin leather and increases the comfort of all your products.

In the collection Performance Fabrics, we are also including a set of trendy materials, called Line Sneakers, designed for casual and urban shoes. These articles are complex converted materials where technical fabrics combine with textiles from other areas in order to offer innovative, daring articles with urban inspiration and trend vocation.

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